This Week in Space

July 15 – July 22, 2016 was an eventful week in space and here on Earth.

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Weekly Space Recap:

47th Moon landing anniversary
NASA and the world celebrates the Apollo 11 Moon landing this week in 1969.

Credit: NASA

Star Trek Hubble “frontier” image
NASA released new images from the Hubble Telescope this week and named them after Star Trek’s iconic pop-culture impact on space exploration.

hubble new image
Credit: NASA

Newest Exoplanet Discovery
The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), with the help of the Hubble, compiled new data relating to two new planets located 40-million-light years away.

Credit: NASA

NASA is building a spacecraft to mine the Moon
Nasa is partnering with a Tokyo based company to develop a spacecraft capable of mining resources from the Moon.

moon rover mine 2
Credit: NASA

New planets discovered by Kepler

104 confirmed planets have been discovered in the new study.

Credit: NASA

Space X cargo delivery
Dragon X successfully delivered cargo to the ISS earlier this week, and Falcon 9 completed another safe landing; this time on land.

pic 3
Credit: NASA

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