Do the ingredients for life come from comets?

The European Space Agency’s spacecraft, Rosetta, that landed on a comet November 2015, has found ingredients for life on its surface.

jon round 1By  Jonathan Stroud

Scientist have debated the possibility that comets brought the elements for life to Earth and the Rosetta discovery adds buoyancy to the theory.

The components found on the comet include amino acid found in proteins, glycine, and phosphorus which is found in DNA and cell membranes.

You can read more on the ESA website: European Space Agency

I find this especially interesting due to how little we know about the origins of life. Scientist’s recognize that basic elements are needed before life as we know it can arise (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, etc.), yet how they were formed on Earth is still a mystery.

Why is this cool?

This is cool because it confirms the existence of particles needed for life on object outside of Earth. If comets can harbor elements for life, pending the right conditions elsewhere in the Universe, intelligent life outside could potentially be sustained outside of our solar system.

Why should I care?

You should care because research conducted by the ESA is pathing the way for future research and answers into the origins of life on Earth.

*Featured photograph credit: European Space Agency

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